About Fareloom


"However much or little we think about it, food is a force – and when shared its power may be amplified." Priya Basil

What is your favourite thing to eat? How does it make you feel? Why do you love it so much? Who do you eat it with? Is there a tradition of how or when you eat it? What food reminds you of home? 

Sharing food and traditions has enormous power to nurture the development of our identity and sense of self. These questions help us to discover our food story, and we believe everyone has a food story to discover and celebrate. Food stories are all around us, and it's the collection of all the memories, stories, traditions and meaning that we attach to cooking and making particular foods in our homes. A food story can also be associated with love, migration, travel, religion, special occasions, cooking with loved ones, identity, happiness or grief.

Our purpose is to bring you the tools and inspiration so you can start bringing all your recipes into one place, share your recipes and create collections with others, and to find beautiful ways to create, gather, share and preserve those precious stories:

  • Offering an app that will inspire you to keep all your recipes in one place. Save the ones you have created, or import the ones you love from on line sources, and convert photos and PDF to our recipe format.
  • Gather memories, stories, notes, traditions and experiences that are the story behind the recipes that are so important, because a recipe is a story, after all.
  • Share your recipes and food stories with friends and family, share your stories behind the food, on your favourite social media.
  • Preserve your very own food story through the recipes you save, the memories, traditions and experiences that are so important to linking generations together.

We created a manifesto that summarises some of our beliefs about food that are important to us, and directs some of what we do here at Fareloom. Perhaps there are some words or statements that stand out and make a difference to you too: 

Emma and Sonia x


Our Manifesto