There would be things in your mum's kitchen that have been there for ever. Even though they might be ugly, out of date or have a few too many battle scars, no-one seems to be able to throw them out. They are just always there. Have you ever wondered what holds us back from separating ourselves from these items? But they still work, your mother may argue. And she clearly doesn't care if its older than you. 

I can clearly remember a broken pot that my mother continued to use, with a makeshift repair to the handle that lasted longer than she did, and all I wanted to do was to throw it out and get her an new one, along with a whole raft of things that belonged in that category. But I didn't. We all work in the kitchen with tools that mean something to us, despite age, appearance or oddness. 

Is it the memories that are attached to those items that we can't let go of, that we want to hold dear to us? Or are we so used to it that something new just wouldn't feel right? Perhaps we can't find a replacement that does the job as well? 

Sometimes new tools are important, safe and necessary in the kitchen, no doubt about it. But leave a place for the items that tell the stories, hold the secrets and give you joy. Record those stories and the recipes that went with the use of those utensils and tools, share them when you share that food. I didn't get a chance to ask my grandmas any questions about their kitchen tools that they passed onto me, so all their stories are lost. I can only start my own stories with their gracious gifts. 

All these items are older than I am, and each have a story to tell, a purpose and place in my kitchen. I use the hearts to make my Christmas Gingerbread every year. They are unique because they are so big, and I love them because my aunt gave them to me, and I will always think of her when I bring those out to bake with in December. 

Please tell us the stories of your favorite kitchen utensils and tools that will be in your kitchen for ever at